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Investors & Startups

Next generation businesses rely on support from experienced partners. I help investors and startups begin their business journey together based on the right match - a match in knowledge, interests, experience and basic chemistry between people. I believe, that in the end it all comes down to one thing: can we work together?


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

12 / 2015 01 / 2017

The Inn Company

Manager & facilitator

The Inn Company is a incubation friendly office space for startups in the center of Aarhus, Denmark. We facilitate growth, create an inspiring work environment and serve a great networking-coffee. With us you have access to a wide range of advisors from different fields of experience. The Inn Companys Advisor Team forms the framework of our growth program - the startups is the heart.


11 / 2015 2017

Entrepreneurship - Design&Business

Bachelor Degree

A very practical education with focus on development of business ideas, projects and concepts through project management, innovation strategy and social design. I have experience with entrepreneurial theory and practice: - what do the customer want? - where do I start? - where am I headed? - who should I team up with and how? All this, with a special focus on the lifestyle- and fashion business.

0 01 / 2014

Various Business Councils

Business Development Consultant

Working with all types of business (500+), people and development strategies you learn a thing or two about communicating and networking. What really strikes me the most, in my experience of assisting smaller business in development, is the element of coaching. Working with peoples mind-set and make change, create the right leverage and most of all implement new habits is an underestimated virtue in the process of business development.
One of my tools: www.growthwheel.com

01 / 2008 01 / 2010

Fashion Purchasing Management

Academy Profession Graduate

During my two years of studying purchasing management I learned about international corporate relations, fabric materials, economy, communication and logistics. Traveling to China and India to study fashion production in real life was an eye opener and really thought me that a sustainable future for the fashion industry begins with fashion buyers knowing their suppliers and being able to built strong and valuable relationships across borders, across cultures and across sets of values.


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